Meet Callyt. The 21-year-old from Livingston is establishing himself in Edinburgh through raw untamed industrial techno combined with hardcore underground Dutch selections.

Deep in the capital, on a unique curved road lies Underground Solu’shn, the pre-eminent record shop in Edinburgh. As Cally strolled in a slick vintage tracksuit he instantly noted that it’s been a while since he purchased vinyl. As he rummaged around, looking for belters Cally was ecstatic when he discovered a Lionoil Industries EP which included works from Philip Budny, Hi and Saberhagen on the A-Side and Telfort and Percy Main on the B-side.

His enthusiasm when he discovered a Percy Main record was sincere. Not many people show love to Percy, an underrated legend yet Cally displayed genuine appreciation. “I don’t sit and bash techno. Every tune needs something quirky about it. See growing up, I was a Soundcloud bam.” Playing at parties helped him develop his skills. “DJ’ing at a gaff, I would go out my way to play the bammiest tunes. It’s culture. You need to get a bit bammy with it sometimes. It’s inside us all, it’s deep and embedded. I think it’s a Scottish culture thing.”

A talented DJ in his own right having supported high caliber selectors such as Elliot Adamson. “Elliot is fucking wonderful. He’s a good boy, he’s a lot of fun doesn’t take anything too seriously.  He does not give it a fuck.” That attitude is reminiscent of meeting Cally, he doesn’t care what people think. Cally is outgoing and laid-back yet critically he remains humble “I’m just a boy from livi.” When this selector isn’t spinning tunes, he’s stacking shelves in Morrisons. Not every DJ lives the life you think.

Photography by FLY CLUB

One of the topics of discussion was guilty pleasure tracks and when pressed on an answer, Callyt nodded “I don’t live and breathe techno, I’ll play Lana Del Rey in the house. Nothing guilty about that, far from it.” His remarks helped me understand how real he is. Cally projects genuine appreciation for the music we all love. “I was planning to go wild, I’m not settling for anything less.” Callyt is here of the for the party.

He recently collaborated with one of his hometown friends to begin a new series of parties. However unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic STAND B-SIDE 001:Callyt has been postponed. Although it will be rescheduled to later this year. “Cameron Gorrie, he’s behind that. It’s brand new night. He doesn’t care about the money. He just wants to put on good sessions for good people”

In the empty Three Sisters Pub in Edinburgh’s Cowgate, Callyt kicked back with a pint and his recently purchased records. The shelf stacking selector shared his thoughts on the current state of Edinburgh’s electronic music culture. “I’ve want to be totally different. Most of the time it’s quite housey, so do the opposite of what they’re doing”.

He has a distaste for house music circulating the capital. Callyt lives to play fast, raw and heavy. “I like to go up in bpm hitting 150. You get a lot of boring techno. I need something a bit different.” The young Livingston selector is providing something different spinning up-tempo industrial techno with a darker edge.

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