By Bill Rah

Jay Celino is one of Glasgow’s most underrated selectors. His selects are renowned and have been praised by Artwork, Skream and Jasper James.

The 28-year-old used to playalongside his friend Jon Jose. They had a radio show on Groove City, where they became acquainted with Attic Room Session owner Jay Gunning. Through the shared love of electronic music, Jay earned a residency with Attic Room Sessions.

Jay has been DJ’ing for 5 years and is a resident for EZUP at La Cheetah. He has supported Robert Hood Jamie:3:26 and Eats Everything. He has been exploring electronic music since he was 17. Jay grew up in the West End of Glasgow and attended school with Jasper James.

Jay lives in the Southside of Glasgow in Shawlands. He has cultural roots in Africa and Italy, although he has never visited, he loves to travel. His father influenced his sound. “That’s why I’ve got such a broad taste in music.” It was loud and sweaty one night at a Glasgow after party.

Jay was amongst some of the UK’s greatest DJs. “Artwork was there. I was playing tunes from my phone and he came over and said, in 2 months I’m running a night in Dalston and I want you to come and play for me.” Jay was shocked.“I’ve never even looked at a set of decks in my life. I do not know how to DJ. Artwork said, ‘you have 2 months’ to practice.”

Jay assumed it was a drunken conversation. “The next day Jasper called me and said ‘Artwork wants your number.’ I was like he is actually being serious.” With only a few months to prepare for his debut, he was terrified. After two months of grafting, he travelled to East London to play in The Nest in front of a sold-out crowd.

Naturally, he was nervous but calmed his nerves with alcohol. “I was on first. I wasn’t going out to a full nightclub. It built up, so it’s not as intimidating as you would think.” He admitted he was ill-prepared. “I was not ready for it. People seemed to love it because the tunes were decent, but I still cringe to this day about the mixing.”

Jay isn’t well known internationally, but he is respected by some of the greatest DJs to ever step behind the decks. He played in front of 4500 people in East Electric alongside Skream, who praised his music taste on Twitter.

Despite the impressive resume, Jay has remained humble throughout his career. “It’s important to remember why I started this because I love music. I want to do this for as long as I can.” Good thing because this is just the beginning.

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