Words by Eva Mckenzie, Rachel Flint, Ciara Vernon, Fran Blair and Jo Dargie

To celebrate International Women’s Day our writers wanted to share what the day means to them. Meet the women, behind the decks.

As we mark International Women’s day, we should take time to listen, learn and understand the plight of women in 2021. In the industry, women have perennially been reserved for the sidelines, had their achievements undermined and had their styles capitalised upon by their male peers. As a young woman trying to navigate life in the creative industry, it’s a common occurrence to find yourself being ignored, cut off and mansplained to. Today, like all days, take time to support and listen to women. Here are some of my favourite female creators that you should stream today: Hannah Diamond, Wendy Carlos, Ellen Allie and J.Phlip.

Eva Mackenzie

International Women’s Day provides a spotlight for women working across the industry. I uncovered my love of music at 14 through messy DIY raves in fields with tunes like Crystal Water’s Gypsy Woman, all before I could legally buy the bucky I brought. Soon after, I found drum n bass, deep house, and retro trance, all of which wouldn’t hit the same without the Scottish crowd.

Rachel Flint

This freedom to choose is what pushes for inclusivity, not only are the DJs aiding, but you can make a difference too! It is not just women we are pushing to get out there and make a difference. We are pushing the whole LGBTQ+ community as well as Black and Asian artists to enter the industry.

Ciara Vernon

As a 20-year-old student in Newcastle, I love the Geordie club scene and the brilliant women I encounter on nights out. For me, International Women’s day is all about building up other women, and appreciating how strong and beautiful we all are- coincidently something which I often hear girls telling each other on the dancefloor or in the club toilets. I can’t wait to get back to the dancefloor and rave to techno and house with the girls all night long.

Fran Blair

If you look back 30 odd years, the landscape of electronic music was completely male dominated both behind the decks and behind the scenes. We absolutely still face sexism across the industry, along with many other prejudices, but we have come a long way and in some cases have been miles ahead in comparison to other genres. For me International Women’s Day is a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come and in doing so, become inspired for how far we can still take it. All of the fucking amazing female producers, DJs and industry go-getters that form the dance community today should be so proud that by simply chasing their passion for music they are helping to diversify and better an entire global industry. That’s pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

Jo Dargie

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