By Charlie Preston

From making his debut at a uni club night in 2017 to going b2b with Denis Sulta in 2019, Macka’s story is one many DJs hope to replicate. He discovered his love for mixing when he was
helping out at a club night. “I remember thinking, this is class.”

He set up a collective, Hometown alongside his childhood friends Joe Loughrey, Justin Bickler and Alan Petticrew. “Things quickly snowballed for us. People were coming along because we were playing.” The collective obtained a residency at Sneaky Pete’s and Cabaret Voltaire.

They established Edinburgh’s premiere student party. With regular weeknight gigs, Macka struggled to commit to his 9-5. “I was DJ’ing and working at a bank. Playing parties until 3 am and then going to work in a suit 5 hours later was awful. So, I quit.” Hoping to put all his time into music, he moved to Glasgow with one goal. “If I leave Glasgow having played Sub Club then I will leave happy.”

Four weeks later, he accomplished this. “One night in the smoking area Rory Masson asked if I wanted to play. I was holding my excitement in like a wee kid.” He believes that your aspirations will come to fruition if you focus. “If you want something to happen, then there are ways you can do that for yourself. Make sure you are going down to club nights and speaking to the right people. I was going down at least once a week.”

After making his Sub Club debut, he captured a residency for Rare Wednesday, warming up for Skream and Éclair Fifi. Through his slick productions and wild mixing, his club sets are notorious for creating a rambunctious crowd. He played alongside Robert Owens, in Soho House. “It was like something out of a movie. All of these rich folk were jumping about the place.

It got even more surreal when he told me that Kanye West was partying on the floor above us. We went out that night and ended up at Robert’s studio at 8 am and made a track with him.” His raw talent and networking skills have allowed him to build a rapport with selectors.

After warming up for Denis Sulta at Sub Club, he supported him in Aberdeen. “I was bricking it before the set. It was surreal. Back in the day, whenever Sulta came to Edinburgh I was always scrambling for a ticket, and now I am here DJing with him.” He dropped two outstanding EPs within the last year, on We Are Nothing and Fresh Take Records.

The latter a collaboration with Joe Loughrey. The duo produced an EP remotely over zoom, the outcome being three exquisite compositions consisting of breaks, M1 Piano and acid synths. Macka describes both pieces of work as “club-ready but easy to listen to.”

You can catch Macka performing at the return of the Slam tent. “It was the first great experience for me as I wasn’t old enough to be in clubs when I was at T In The Park. Playing there with the rest of Scotland’s insane talent will be biblical.” His upcoming release, Blush, a bouncy and energetic track, will be out this summer on Good Trax

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